Thank you for your interest in our services. Choosing an appropriate therapist is often experienced as a daunting task.  We appreciate how difficult initiating the psychotherapy process can be.  We are committed to establishing an open and collaborative therapeutic relationship with you, and offer a safe, nonjudgmental, supportive environment for growth and change.  We work with individuals and couples to find solutions to a wide range of life challenges and to change the pattern that no longer works.  As psychotherapists, we recognize that each course of treatment is subjective and unique. We work closely with each client in determining his or her treatment goals and respect each individual’s right to self determination. Enhanced self esteem, improved coping skills, and a more informed decision making process are the foundation for a more joyful, less conflicted life.

Together we will work to achieve these results.



Olson and Hamilton

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Providing Psychotherapy for Individuals, Couples, and Groups